суббота, 19 июля 2014 г.

Basketball team

I suppose almost everybody knows that sport elements are one of the main trends of this summer. So me and my best friend Anna decided to show you how we see it. Before going to Cyprus we did shopping a lot together. We found tops the same style like we are from stylish basketball ot baseball team. Shorts look really sexy, don't be shy to wear it and also too cheeky. All you need is just control your behavior: do not draw attention purposely! Follow my favorite phrase - stay natural :) And if you put on some sexy clothes don't use too much make-up. Maybe in Russia it'll be allright, but not in Europe. Maybe it's time for me to understand myself and decide where I wanna live....  

Watch this look on: lookbook.nu

on me: top - Terranova
shorts - Bershka
gaiters - Zara
slippers - Pull and Bear
on Anna: top - Terranova
shorts - H&M
slippers - Converse
all yours
Zhanna Kessel./

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  1. you look great :) love that outfit and love that you say stay natural !