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Ayia Napa baby

Hey people!

I finally came back after 1 month break. I passed my last exams and prepared a lot, then on June, 29th we left to amazing "summer party" Ayia Napa in Cyprus with my best friends. Five Russian girls together - strong powerful dream-team! Truly...it was the best holidays in my life. I suppose it's because of endless freedom Napa gives you. People all over the world come here every year, Ayia Napa is like an addiction, drug. Barmens, waiters, dancers, promo are also foreigners, once they came to Cyprus and fell in love forever. The same situation happend to me and my girls. Actually, our last night we were sitting in favorite "360 lounge-bar" and crying, truly crying.

 I've never seen so many clubs, bars and crazy people in one street. For party-lovers it seems like the best place in the world (like for me). Everybody are glad to you, suggesting you free coctails and entry, laughing gas (be careful with it ahaha) and so on. When I first steped this street I felt smth like one big euphoria, endorphin release, eyes on fire, scream and shout... I was spun in a whirlpool of passion. Unreal feelings.

Every night we met new people from other countries (it was the main stipulation - no Russians). It's such a great experience, each person told us smth new. I even practised my awful Italian :) People here are so open, you don't need to show off, just be natural and everyone gonna love you. We started our night in 360 lounge-bar. Nice place to chill out, I don't know how to describe my love to this bar. There are the best barmens in Ayia Napa I'm sure :) And house music is also very good, when Dj played Russian songs we were going crazy and started dance ahaha.

Greek-Russian Sema

 Okay, I'll tell you about the best clubs, if you wish to go to Napa. First of all, it's hot Castle Club with free first coctail for girls and amazing music. There are 4 dancefloors with 3 different music. And also there are two hot go-go dancers "K-sisters show" from my Russian city Yekaterinburg. Do you feel globalization? We danced there so hard, we couldn't stop, emotions were stronger than body.

Secondly, it's Ambassaden Bar situated at the begigining of the street. It's a small place with not so many people but I liked their music. Also I can't forget a big bar desk and poles on it :)

The best club in Ayia Napa (or how it is called) is Soho. But I prefer Castle. It has several sections and its main plus is strong conditioners, which help you to stay alive and dance all all night! Promo gave us free t-shirts and we were happy :) BUT there is one big minus for me - a lot of Russian women on heels and with strong make-up like in Russian clubs you should look. Relax babes, it's Ayia Napa, stay natural!

Tried this Booster in Luna Park

Doctor Smirnoff ahahah

Daily dinner in Grecian Sands Hotel


I wish that next summer will be back and just blow up Ayia Napa! Two weeks were not enough. If you are young and you wanna feel yourself like reunion with the whole world - just pack your bags and go to Napa. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.
I wanted to thank all people who spent this nights with us, barmens, who gave us free shots, my best friends, who didn't let me sleep, photographers for great pics, clubs for nights I never forget....

 LIVING THE NAPA DREAM, see you Summer 15

all yours
Zhanna Kessel./

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